What Is the Difference Between a Fan & a Player Version Jerseys?

At first glance, the player and fan versions of jerseys look the same.

Given that player version jerseys are more expensive than fan version jerseys, you might be curious about the reason for this price difference. Does it imply that player version jerseys are simply superior? The answer lies in the jersey’s intended use – whether for field play or casual wear – and that’s the key difference.

Player-version jerseys use the best materials in the design to ensure maximum performance. They are an exact match to the jerseys worn by athletes on the field.

Fan-version jerseys, on the other hand, are designed for fans in the stands or on the streets, featuring excellent materials for the highest levels of comfort and wear.

The differences can be observed in three key areas: FIT, FABRIC & BADGES.


Player version – Constructed with an athletic design for field play and a sleeker, slimmer fit.

Fan version – Made to be worn normally and comfortably, suitable for the majority of body types, including those who haven’t played on the field recently.